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(2012 Election Statement)

Tom at Crypto 2000, presenting IEEE Kobayashi Awards to Diffie, Hellman, Merkle, Rivest, Shamir and Adelman. Photo: David Aucsmith.

I am running for re-election as a Director of IACR, the International Association for Cryptologic Research, Inc.

Directors are responsible for setting strategic directions and overseeing the operations of IACR. Elected Directors represent IACR members in these functions. Directors are expected to attend Board of Directors meetings (twice a year), to be available by email and telephone for business that arises between meetings, to serve on committees of the Board, and to participate actively in IACR activities.

I will appreciate your continued support.

Fifty-Word Candidate's Statement (appears on the printed ballot)

I have served IACR since 1983 as Secretary, Treasurer, President, and Director. During that time we created conferences, workshops, literature, and community. Our present challenges include balance and tolerance in our evolving community. I know where we have been; I know where we are going. Please vote for me.

The Value of Experience

I have worked with every IACR President. In my opinion, Bart Preneel is doing a great job as President. I hope he will seek a third term in 2013. But if Bart does not seek re-election, the new IACR President can rely on me for experience, corporate memory, and support.

More About Balance and Tolerance

I have often returned home from an IACR event thinking, "That was a very sweet conference." This is unique to IACR. I know of no other professional organizations or technical conferences about which the word sweet has ever been used.

A strength of our community, which we have been developing and nurturing since the beginning, is that we welcome, include, and respect our members, no matter what their specific cryptologic interests, no matter by whom they are employed, and no matter what national culture they bring.

This spirit of balance and tolerance seems to me to have weakened lately.

There is no easy fix to any of these problems. Still, I believe that loss of balance, tolerance, and respect threatens the very fabric of IACR. If you re-elect me as Director, I will continue to promote program balance at our flagship conferences and in our publications, and I will promote tolerance of intellectual and cultural diversity in all IACR activities.

Tom's IACR Service Record

Tom's IACR Attendance Record

I have attended and actively participated in all but three IACR Board Meetings since 1983.

Please vote for me.

Thank you.

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