Volume 7, Feb 2010

Nearly another year has passed and much has been happening in the world of craptology. To celebrate this we this year have a special Valentines Day edition of our esteemed journal this year.

For those craptographers who have a problem with commitment when it comes to dating we have a solution proposed by Dunkelman in our first paper. This is clearly a big problem amongst craptographers at present, because our second paper by Stajano and Harris addresses the same problem from the point of view of a multi-party computation. One of the main goals in such commitment and multi-party protocols is to form a pairing. Anyone who has typed cryptographic pairing into Google recently will have noticed the explosion in papers on this subject. In a paper by Barreto we find a complete taxonomy of such pairings which will I think be useful to the community. Finally, if you are on your own this Valentines Day perhaps you want to blur it all out with some hash. As the contribution by Naehrig, Peters and Schwabe testifies, cryptographers have been producing quite a lot of hash recently.

Once again: Enjoy, or not, as the case may be.

Nigel Smart

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