Volume 3, November 2006

This is the second edition of this seminal journal since its relaunch, and it is a please to note that craptologic research is going from strength to strength.
We can get on down to the musical delights of Rogaway and Shrimpton's Key Rap, which we believe is a sure fire top-ten hit. Further extensions of the idea of deletion cryptanalysis are presented by R and R Phan, by their new technique of Selection Cryptanalysis. For those who like to use secure lightweight ciphers it is important to note that the Caesar Cipher meets all the same design goals as the new AES, it is secure against differential and linear cryptanalysis. We need to thank Malgorzata Kupiecka for this important insight. All academic cryptographers can now breath a sigh of relief due to Pierrick Gaudry's cryptographically secure variant of a well known research assessment tool. Finally, we are pleased to provide a proper place for Mihir Bellare to publish his world renowned Crypto-Topic Generator, this tool has been the saviour of many a PhD student (and supervisor) over the years.

Nigel Smart

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