Volume 0, No. 1, April 1999

For the second issue we received 5 articles, of which 4 have been accepted.
Article one, by Boris Kazak, is clearly the result of eating too many magic mushrooms, but we didn't have the heart to turn down such a classy piece of nonsense, and hence it appears in the "utterly crap" category.
Article two, by John Black, is a reply to the "Deletion cryptanalysis" of the first issue. Since the editor-in-cheap is a co-author of that paper, and one crap turn deserves another, we accepted this as a reply-paper. It is impressively crap, although some readers may find it funny.
Article three, by David Beynon, split the opinions of the editorial board. Some found it very funny, some thought it crap, and others found it neither funny nor crap. We are thus accepting the paper in the "controversial" category! Beware.. it is not for sensitive readers..
The fourth article, by Naor^2 and Omer Reingold, was discovered during an Internet search and was solicited by the editor-in-cheap. The editorial board have rated this one "funny" and are pleased to make it available to the quality audience that it deserves.
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