Journal of Craptology

What is it?

The Journal of Craptology is an electronic journal on cryptologic issues. Papers accepted for publication in the Journal of Craptology relate to cryptology and fall into one or several of the following categories.
  1. It is funny.
  2. It is controversial.
  3. It is crap.
In particular the paper must make us laugh and essentially be aimed at making fun of academic cryptography.

Submission Guidelines

Send either of us an email containing your document, preferably in PostScript, PDF, HTML, or LaTeX.
Our call for papers.

Editorial Board

  • Tom Berson(Editor Emeritus) : berson at
  • Nigel Smart (Editor in Cheek): nigel at
  • Raphael C.-W. Phan : raphaelphan.crypt at
  • Orr Dunkelman : orrd at
  • Dan Page : page at


"A seminal journal in its field", Moti Yung.
"If I wanted to know anything about Craptology, this is the place I would turn to first", Chris Mitchell.

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As of Summer 2006 we have decided to relaunch the Journal of Craptology.

The main reason is to encourage people to be more silly, and to help encourage the funnier talks in Rump Sessions at Crypto, EuroCrypt etc.

Indeed we aim to invite the funniest talks at Rump Sessions as invited papers to be published here, and vice versa to have invited talk sessions at Rump Sessions for the funniest papers published here.


Volume 0, No. 0, December 1998

Volume 0, No. 1, April 1999

Volume 1, December 2000

Volume 2, July 2006

Volume 3, November 2006

Volume 4, May 2007

Volume 5, April 2008

Volume 6, March 2009

Volume 7, Feb 2010

Volume 8, Nov 2011

Volume 9, Feb 2014

NB. If you take offense of some things on this page, be it controversial, funny or crap, please do not email us. The intention of this page is to have fun, not to hurt. If you are hurt, please do not send us emails, you will only hurt us. Just delete your bookmark of this page and forget about it.

The Journal of Craptology was started in 1998 by Lars Knudsen, Keith Martin, and Vincent Rijmen.